Frequently Asked Questions’s

Distribution Agreement & New Releases


How much lead time do you require for a new release?

We usually require at three weeks lead time to ensure a smooth upload and to maximise playlisting opportunities.


Can it get through your system any quicker?

In some exceptional circumstances we may be able to upload your music quicker.  Please let us know if there is an urgent timeline and we will try and help.


Can I make updates to the metadata once I’ve submitted it?

If the metadata hasn’t yet been ingested into the services then yes, we can make a metadata change. However once we have sent the release to the stores we are unable to make pre-release changes as this then may jeopardise the release being live on time.


What channels do you distribute to?

Audio: iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Shazam, 24/7, iMusica, Amazon

Video: VEVO


What is the turnaround time for VEVO?

If there is an existing artist channel setup we can get a video live within five days of assets being delivered. If there is not yet an existing channel set up we will require additional assets and 10 days.


What assets are required for VEVO?

  • For a new channel: artwork banners (banner Image (pixel dimensions of 2560 x 1440) and a profile image (pixel dimensions of 5000 x 5000, with no text)

  • VEVO metadata template

  • The movie file of the video (specs here)


Other considerations for VEVO:

  • Have you secured promotional support via VEVO?

  • Will this be premiered on a music blog? If so, is this an exclusive premiere? Is it set to a certain time of day?


Can I set my release to an exact time of the day (if involved in an exclusive premiere?)

No, we cannot guarantee releases being set to an exact hour of the day. Each music platform varies in how tracks are refreshed in their system. As an example we can push something live in iTunes and it should take effect within an hour, with Spotify it will take between 24-48 hours to be live.


Is there an artist portal that I can login to for VEVO to make changes or see stats?

No - currently any content requests or requests for stats need to be requested via Platoon.


I have a pre-order up. Should I be able to see my tracks in Apple Music?

If you have an Instant Grat as part of your pre-order this track will show in Apple Music. Otherwise you will need to wait until the pre-order is live in iTunes.


Can I set an Instant Grat or does this cost?

Yes, you can set Instant Grats - please just include these in your metadata.


Can I set more than one Instant Grat?

Yes, you can, although we wouldn’t recommend any more than two for an EP or album. Instant grats can be staggered to have different IG release dates.



How do I get paid?

Please give us your details in the upload form and we will pay you via bank transfer or Paypal.  We will send you statements in GBP (£) but can pay out in USD, GBP or EUR.


How often will I receive a statement of earnings?

You will receive a statement of earnings approximately 45 days after the end of each month.


What period will this cover?

iTunes statements account for the month prior.  Spotify, Apple Music + other channels account 2-3 months prior.


When can I expect payment?

Payment will be made once a month within 7 days of receiving the statement of earnings.


Can I see a breakdown of streams / downloads from each store?

On the front page of the statement there is a breakdown of earnings by DSP. On the second tab of the statement there is a full breakdown of raw sales data.



What do I do when I have updates to the One Sheet?

Please submit updates to and we will update the one sheet our side.


What sort of info should I be adding to the One Sheet?

Whenever there is good news to share! This would include things like a new video, major artist endorsement (e.g. a Tweet), radio play, blog pick-up, new shows / tours announced etc.


What is the pitching process?

Each store has different pitch requirements, but your track will be included in a combination of formal pitch templates, our newsletter highlighting new and upcoming releases, personal emails to major stores and Beats 1.


What are the expectations with pitching?

Due to the large number of tracks emailed each week the stores generally don’t provide any feedback ahead of a release so we can never guarantee pick-up. But rest be assured we have pitched the tracks out to our networks.


What if my tracks haven’t been picked up in playlists and the stream count isn’t increasing?

While we’d love to guarantee overnight success and 1m streams in the first week of release this unfortunately isn’t the case for 99% of artists! Streaming is part of a bigger picture when it comes to releases and now is the time to get creative and find ways to engage all audiences. Have you thought about live shows? Videos? Lyric Videos? Content for social media? Behind-the-scenes videos? Sync and brand partnerships? At Platoon we love out-of-the-box ideas. Remember a massive advantage of being an independent artist is the sky’s the limit in how you reach out to fans. You can be as creative as possible.


What can I do on my end as an artist to increase streams?

There are two important things you can do to increase your streams on streaming platforms.


The first is to create your own playlists on your streaming platforms. The playlist should include with the song you want to increase streams for. The playlist theme could be your personal favourite songs as an artists or music you play during your live shows.


The second is to invite your listeners to stream outside streaming platforms. For example on Spotify, you can use the “Spotify Play Button” which can be embedded on any website and social media pages. This allows fans to listen to the song without leaving the page website or social media page they are currently on.


How can I get my music into top playlists such as “New Music Friday?”

It is up to the Spotify editorial team to decide what song goes in each “top” playlist. We can make suggestions, however it is not guaranteed that the track will be placed in a specific playlist.


Side Note: We also pitch to indie playlists. Indie playlists are profiles with a lower subscriber count. Don’t be scared with playlists with a lower subscriber count as this is the start of a streaming journey.


When will I find out if I’ve made it onto a Spotify or Apple Music playlist?

We will notify you with the good news as soon as we know.


Where can I find the analytics?

For artist on Spotify we recommend signing up to their Fan Insights which will give you in-depth analytics. For iTunes  / Apple Music we can pull reports on request.


Can I update my Spotify or Apple Music artist bio / page through Platoon?

No, sorry! To update a bio you’ll need to go through the All Music Guide (AMG) - more info here. To claim your Spotify artist page you will need to be verified (which requires having 250+ followers). More info here.


How can I get my tour dates to appear on my Spotify profile page?
Spotify pulls in Songkick listings automatically. If you're not seeing tour dates on your artist page, let Songkick know (with links to your artist pages on both Songkick and Spotify) and they should be able to match them together to enable the sync.

More info here.


If you can’t find the answer here then drop us an email -

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